Backpacker Editor

Mauro Federici

What's up, young lady?
Good or not? LOL…

I'm Mauro Federici, one of those responsible for taking Viajando Fácil to you! In addition to being one of the creators of the site, I work as an editor, writer and programmer. That is, if the site has something wrong, it is very likely that I am to blame ... hehehe. Viajando Fácil came to share with you some of the stories accumulated along the way and encourage you to go out into the world, build incredible stories and share with us!

I always believed that to live in fear, is to live in half. That's why I threw myself into the world from an early age. I lived in Australia in the 90s. Later, I worked for 10 years in India, which made me know and fall in love with Asia. Today I live on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. I am an Italian-Brazilian with a passport, a miner of body and soul, but my heart is really Thai.

It is easy to know when I am at ease, in my element. It can be on the beach, in the mountains or in the countryside ... I will always be with friends around, a beer in hand and, generally, bearded and shirtless. So laughter is easy and life is light!

Lots of love and good vibes, always! 

Mauro Federici