Goa - The Bahia of India

Sunset at Ashvem Beach

When we think of traveling to India, the beach is not a destination that comes to mind. However, Goa wants to change your mind.

My first steps in India

When you arrive in a culture as different as India, you have two choices: adapt or adapt! Finding peace with chaos is a choice.

Connecting with India

What is it like to work in a culture as different as India and in a city as contrasting as New Delhi? Guilherme Mota tells us his experience of 5 years living in India.

New Delhi - India

Lodhi Garden in New Delhi

With a rich history and latent contrasts, New Delhi is unique! Historical ruins and inspiring temples coexist with noise and chaotic traffic.

Alila Fort Bishangarh - Jaipur - India

Alila Fort seen through the lenses of Andreza Ferreira, published in the Fora da Rota section of the Viajando Fácil website

Have you ever thought about staying in an old palace or fort, one of those where kings and queens used to live? In India, this is possible! Meet Alila Fort.

Golden Temple - Golden Temple - India

Image of the Golden Temple, Golden Temple, India, reflected in the water.

One of the most famous and curious temples in India is the Golden Temple. We will tell you some curiosities, but do you know what the religion of this temple is?