Sunset view from a boat in Tisno Croatia

The wedding of a friend's brother!
That was the excuse I managed to get to know Tisno, in Croatia.

Anyone who sees this town from a distance 330 km from the capital Zagreb and has just over 5,000 inhabitants, cannot imagine what happens here during the summer.

Bathed in the transparent (and cold, soooo cold) water of the Adriatic Sea, the beaches and islands of Tisno boil during the summer. The city's various international music festivals bring a relaxed air to the peaceful little Croatian town.

I took this photo of the cover from inside a party boat. That's right! During the summer, it is common to take a boat with DJ and everything and take a tour of the islands around Tisno. I highly recommend it!

Is that you? Have you ever heard of Tisno? Is Croatia on your travel list?

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  1. You don't know about Croatia, you see a lot of interest and a lot of beauty, you see it from another interesting place to meet, you can tell your experience in the post because you learn from beautiful places that exist and we don't know.

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