When you think of Scotland, who comes to your mind first?

Brave Heart?
Castles in the mountains?
Men in plaid skirts (look at the respect! His name is Kilt, you see)?

Well, what if I tell you that you can put it all together in one event?

It is the famous, and really spectacular, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo that takes place every year during the month of August in the wonderful and welcoming city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

For 71 years, the British Armed Forces have been performing a performance of lights, sound and fireworks on the terrace of Edinburgh Castle. It is a way for the British Armed Forces to contribute to the city's cultural scene, which during the month of August, hosts an international arts festival.

Did you already know Edinburgh's Royal Military Tattoo? Was it already in your plans to visit Scotland? Tell us, and we'll be adding more tips to make your trip easy!

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  1. I would love to travel Scotland, it has always seemed fascinating to know about its culture, dance and places that are beautiful and natural !!! Gracias Viajandofacil_es por tus post tan interesantes !!!!

  2. I would be delighted to go… if it’s great, music history and all in one place.

    1. Yes, super cheer! You know that this event is in August for when you plan to travel to Scotland.
      (This year (2020) is canceled by the world situation).

  3. He read a couple of your post, and he really wants to go running with his briefcase in hand, they are oriented to what is real and important, not to mention in comments, only direct and very sober.

    We will see you soon and will be proud to contribute to this page which I see with a lot of good eyes and an excellent initiative.

    I would like to include something on the topic of the presupposition, Latinos are very much given to fixing it.

    Hasta ready.

    1. Hi Cesar, Thank you so much for your comments! 🙂
      I am glad that you feel there and find the answer you are looking for in our new posts.
      We are very happy to know that you like the content of our website. We write with sincerity and love.
      We want other people to learn from our experience, be inspired and animate to travel as we do here. 🙂 ¡We are in contact!

    2. If you see the spectacular site that changes in the post, I would definitely like to know Scotland, if you have always liked the music, the clothes and the costumbres de ala, it will be one of the places to know but adelante.muchas gracias !!!.

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