If you've heard of Phuket, you must be wondering why I decided to put this fantastic city here in the section Off the Route. After all, as a city that receives around 11 million international tourists a year (15th city that receives more tourists in the world) may be off the route of Latin American tourists? 

The great truth is that we Latins see Phuket only as one of the ports of access to the famous islands   Phi   Phi . The Phi Islands   Phi are beautiful indeed, and deserve a separate chapter here at Viajando Fácil, but today I want to tell you why Phuket should be a mandatory stop on your next visit to Thailand.  

Being the largest island in Thailand, Phuket is about the same size as the city of Florianopolis, in Brazil or that the entire Republic of Singapore. Even for this reason, the city has a wide range of leisure options, which fit all budgets and styles. 

When thinking about an island in Thailand, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach, right? But before I start talking about the beaches of Phuket , I need to say one thing: they are all bathed in crystal clear waters, typical of the Andaman Sea, and have an average temperature of 28 ° degrees, which makes the sea bath always pleasant. It is relaxing.  

Let's talk about the beaches! There are 36 that I have already counted and visited. In other words, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a more deserted beach, your option is Banana Beach or Freedom Beach. If the idea is a more popular beach, go to Kata or Nai   Harn . Are you in the mood for a first class Beach Club? On Kamala beach there is a branch of Café Del Mar , the same one in Ibiza. Do you prefer a quieter beach, fishing village style? Phuket has its southernmost beach, called Rawai , which will suit your needs.  

Tired of the beaches (or rested on the beaches) and ready to enjoy the night? Bangla Road in Patong is your main destination. In this street that hardly sleeps, you will find everything, everything. There are bars, restaurants, clubs, bars with pole dancers and many, many tourists on the busiest street in the city.  

Phuket also offers great restaurants, with rich local cuisine and specializing in seafood. And don't forget the famous street food markets that are always an adventure. Phuket's city center, on the other hand, has a small-town feel, with historic mansions, several Buddhist temples and an active and varied local commerce.  

If you noticed a certain love in this text, it is because I am in love with this city. So much so that I decided to have a base here and convinced the Bibi come here. It's from Phuket that we wrote for you most of our texts. 

Viajando Fácil will still talk a lot more about Phuket, going deep and showing you all the details and tips to visit it is beautiful Thai island. In the coming days we will publish more details of Phuket in sections Flavors and find it out. And next week, a detailed guide in the Destinations section. 

So, tell me: you’ve heard of Phuket? Have you visited? 
Did the text make you want to get to know the island? 
Leave a comment for us down here and if you come from these parts in Asia, come and say hi! 

How nice to have you here at Viajando Fácil!

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  1. What a very complete page I transport in time and space through what I see and oil here is incredible to know that there are such magical places as those that appear here in color, beauty and flavor based on the experience of this beautiful couple. and others who share their experiences, I love Traveling Easy !!!

    1. Thank you! Stay connected with us 🙂
      See a lot of bad posts with invitations, stories, places, flavors and surprises 😉
      We are very happy to know that you like our website!

  2. Thank you for allowing us to sleep with the power to know a wonderful place and wish to be there, beforehand I would be ready to share it in virtual form and imagine a meeting with such wonderful people as you are to be able to enjoy these beautiful places. While waiting for more videos and photographs that will allow us to those who have not been able to visit these places, just spend as little as possible with what you transmit to us. In truth a thousand gracias and the expectation.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments!
      We are delighted and very happy to know that we managed to transmit all of this. This is our goal! Share our wonderful experiences and places that we find on the way to inspire you. We will then share photos and videos on the website and on other social networks. No te pierdas, we are waiting for you!

  3. I am enchanted by this post, when all over it, I would be delighted to visit Phuket… ojalá hagan a route of how to approve 20 days in the whole of Southeast Asia

    1. Hola Karen,
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. We will write more about Southeast Asia 😉
      I am glad that comiences planning you next will travel around here. In our blog we have more travel tips! 😉
      and now that you have bad reasons, come to visit Phuket! 🙂

  4. How beautiful, I always heard that they are one of the most beautiful and obliged to visit by tourists, however this post left me with more travel

    1. Hi Felipe,
      Thank you for your comment! This city is really beautiful.
      You know you should include Phuket on your itinerary when you plan to travel to Asia!
      Keep seeing our new posts for inspirarte con historias y más lugar 😉

  5. The truth is that this page allows us to sleep, travel in time through wonderful indescribable places that we can only see there on these pages of beauty, gastronomy and culture that have created all to allow us to soar, gracias que buen post !!!

    1. We are happy to know that we managed to transmit so much, that is our purpose! Muchas gracias por tus comentarios 🙂
      We will go on to write about inspiring places and tell a lot of bad stories. We wait for you to return! 😉

  6. Delicious. Writing with passion and something that transports us. I would like to see videos of the beaches. I still arrive in Thailand. Big hug and good luck .

    1. Definitely this place is paradise, the only way to see the beauty of its beaches, its people, its culture and weird gastronomy, you are traveling to these wonderful places, thanks for remembering your country’s beauty through this post, Happy Muchas !! !!!.

      1. Asism! Phuket is a paradise. What a good thing you remembered beautiful things with our post.
        Many thanks for your comment!

    2. Thank you so much Eloisa!
      We will have videos of the beaches and other wonderful places in Thailand yes! 🙂

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