The Pink Sea of Galerazamba

When we talk about Cartagena, the first thing that comes to mind is the historic center, the crystal-clear beaches and the white sand. With great reason. But what if I told you that just 45 minutes from Cartagena you can find a place where not only is the sand white, but the sea is pink?

In the district of Santa Catalina there is a village called Galerazamba, known for being close to the famous Totumo volcano and for its history linked to Catalina India, as they say that their grandparents lived in this place. But, one of the most beautiful attractions of Galerazamba is its salt flats.

When I decided to make my trip to Cartagena I knew exactly the places I wanted to visit and Galerazamba was not one of them. However, while I was already in the walled city, one of my plans was canceled, so I took a tour of the Totumo volcano. Several stops were included in the tour and one of them was the entrance to the Galerazamba salt flats.

The Pink Sea, not exactly a sea, is a lagoon with a great salt concentration. Galerazamba, at the beginning of the 20th century, was a key place for the exploration of sea salt, hence it is known as the Pink Sea. But be careful, because it is not a sea to swim. Besides being banned, I don't think it will be very pleasant for your skin. As I mentioned above, we are talking about salt pans, which means that water has a very high concentration of salt and just by putting one foot in the water you can feel an itch all over your body.

Well, you must be wondering, why is the water here pink? The water takes this shade by a larva called Artemia that lives in high salinity waters. From December to April, thanks to the sun and the large amount of salt in the lagoon, the larvae begin to reproduce and the pink color becomes more intense. This process is highly important within salt mines because it allows crystals to form.

If you plan on visiting Cartagena or Barranquilla, this is definitely a place to stop. It's really beautiful to see the shade of pink change as you approach the shore. Not only that, hearing the history of the salt flats is also very interesting.

The salt pans are a different stop, it is not a spa so, really, what there is to do is walk and have a beautiful view. But, I'm sure that if you go, you won't regret it! If you are close by, and like history and beautiful scenery, Galerazamba is the ideal place to get off the route.

My last recommendation is to follow the instructions of the people in charge, which helps to preserve the salt flats so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful place. How beautiful it is to travel, but we must always be aware of the regulations they give us and be responsible for the waste and garbage we generate.

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  1. Interesting place, when traveling to Cartagena, visit it !!! Thanks for the information.

    1. great! it's a very beautiful and interesting place in Colombia.
      We will continue to tell you about bad places on the route 🙂

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