Armação and Matadeiro, beaches separated by a river

Hello, my name is Wendy, and I'm Colombian, from Bogotá. I want to tell you about my first international solo trip to an island in southern Brazil, Florianopolis.  I ventured with the purpose of living different experiences, being able to make new friends and growing professionally. That adventure, which I thought would take six months, lasted for two and a half years. Magic period in my life.

In my first months in “Floripa”, I made friends from different countries: Poland, Mexico, Brazil and even Colombian countrymen. It was my friend from Poland who told us that she knew a magical place in the south of the island and that she knew we would love it. Usually tourists go to the northern or eastern beaches, or to the famous Lagoa da Conceição. But, with the reports of our Polish friend, we decided to visit new places and discover the south of the island.

And so, we went there. And it really is a magical place.

Upon arriving, we came across a structure that looks very much like a small country town, with a church in the central flower bed and on the left a very good fish and seafood restaurant. That day, we had lunch there and were attended by a very good Cuban. The food we ordered was so delicious that the other times I went, I continued having lunch at the same place. I recommend ordering the breaded shrimp and drinking the typical Brazilian soda, Guaraná.

Here are the beaches of Armação and Matadeiro. Right after the delicious lunch, we took advantage of the sun and went to see these two beaches in the region. I found it incredible to have these two beautiful beaches, so close to each other, separated only by a river.

Yes, the two beaches are divided by a river, which you can cross on foot. Further down, there is a bridge that takes you to a trail to the mountains. The view from up there is sensational.

On the left side is Armação beach. In summer, this beach is very popular. People come to sit on the sand, listen to country people, have a caipirinha or a beer and see this beautiful sea, with fishermen's boats in the background. On the other side of the river, Matadeiro beach is magnificent! Its cold waters and waves attract many surfers. In Matadeiro, you can breathe tranquility.

The names of Armação and Matadeiro beaches refer to facts from the past, when it was still allowed to hunt whales . It is that around September the whales come to these beaches. Fishermen set up traps in Armação to hunt them, and when they ran aground, they were killed in Matadeiro. But rest assured, today is different! Whale hunting is prohibited in Brazil. So, if you're in Armação and Matadeiro around September, go up the trail that leads to the mountain and, with a little luck, you'll be able to see the whales in the sea giving a show.

This southern part of Floripa, especially Armação and Matadeiro, is a place that allows you to be free, let your thoughts flow, feel peace, tranquility and live a different experience on the island of Florianópolis. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, as its vegetation is preserved and there is no access to cars. So, when you visit this island in Brazil, I invite you to leave the route and go south, visit these two wonderful beaches and climb that mountain to feel the magic of this place.

What did you think of the history of these two beaches? Did you already know them?

Have you thought about going to Florianópolis?

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Did you feel like visiting Florianópolis?

We have a very practical guide for you to plan your visit to "Ilha da Magia".

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  1. Hola! Your description wishes to visit the place that is incredible! It would be good to relate the cost and form of delivery ...

    1. Hi Felipe,
      Many thanks for your comments :). The tendremos en cuenta.
      In the interest of visiting us, here on the website we have new publications every day;).
      What a great day!

  2. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Florianapolis, what a great Wendy story, excellent recommendation from you that motivated us to visit this magical place with precious views, what a great post Traveling!

    1. Super! We will continue sharing bad places and bad experiences.
      Wendy will write bad posts like this;). Do not pierce you!
      All new publications.

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