Has it ever crossed your mind to stay in a fort for a few days, one of those where kings and queens lived? No?  

In India, this is possible! 

When we go to the Rajasthan area in India and visit cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur, what we see most are palaces and forts where Indian royalty spent their days a few hundred years ago . They are imposing constructions that stand out in the landscape. After all, in addition to housing, they served as centers of government and demonstration of the region's power and wealth.  

But, did you know that there are forts in India where today it is possible to stay and enjoy that life of kings and queens? 

We present to you Alila Fort Bishangarh.  

It es're localizad the 65 kilometers from Jaipur (about 1 hour and a half drive) or 215km from New Delhi (about 4 hours drive).   This fort was built 230 years ago - which is relatively new for a fort -   and was transformed into a hotel 3 years ago .   

This 5 - star accommodation has been completely renovad to and, once inside, you feel like modernity and antiquity come together to create this luxurious setting with architecture in estilho Rajasthani.  

It sits on top of a granite hill, as expected of a strong (to keep an eye on enemies) and offers a beautiful 360 degree view of d the region known as Aravalli. In the morning and late afternoon it is possible to see and hear the song of the peacocks (one of the most famous birds in India).  

Various types of services are offered at the hotel, including: 

Horse riding in the vicinity of the fort; 

Tour the villages to learn more about the culture and crafts of the region; 

Rajasthani cooking class (typical Rajasthan food); 

To relax, the fort-hotel also has an infinity pool, gardens, restaurants and spa! In addition, all rooms have a luxurious jacuzzi!

Life of king and queen, isn't it?

What's up? Have I convinced you to leave the route a bit and stay at Alila Fort Bishangarh during your next visit to Rajasthan ? Start traveling with the photos below and then leave your comments here for us!  

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  1. Hermoso place, very interesting to know the history of this place ojala Dios grant me the opportunity to know !!! Thanks for the information.

  2. Very interesting that in our rooms and here, besides its beauty and history, it would be an experience to be able to visit any day and this beautiful place !!!!

    1. Yes, really really beautiful!
      Andreza will continue to show us some interesting places here in Viajando Fácil. 🙂

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