Galerazamba - Colombia

A pink sea hidden between Barranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia? Viajando Fácil went to check and it's not photoshop! Meet Galerazamba!

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My History in Floripa

A Colombian woman's view of Floripa, after living and working in the city for two years. Written by Bibi Cuellar Castro for Viajando Fácil.

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Anna Bay - Australia - for Traveling Easy

Anna Bay - Australia

Anna Bay, Australia is a great travel tip. When the sea meets this immensity of sand, the view is breathtaking. In Newcastle, very close to Sydney, Anna Bay has great sandboard dunes and you can even ride a camel before diving.

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Studying in Austria

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Paula writes to us about her time studying in Austria.

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My story in Lesotho

Have you ever heard of Lesotho? This small country, encrusted in South Africa is surprising. We'll show you a little bit of the African Kingdom of Heaven.

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Tom Yum Kung Thai hot spicy soup shrimp with lemon grass, lemon, galangal and chilli on wooden background Thailand Food

Tom Yum Goong

We have a very easy to follow Tom Yum Goong recipe. You will be able to cook one of the most characteristic dishes of Thai cuisine.

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