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The enjoyment of the trip starts with planning! When we have little or no time to lose, it is best to take all the tips from the destination and guarantee the good stories!

Our goal here is to share with you all the great tips that we took along the way during our travels and inspire you with our stories to encourage you to get to know the world by traveling easily. We are going to tell you the best destinations, which are the secret (and cheapest) places that we only know when we have a local friend, the flavors that we found along the way and the holes that we already got into (and that were not few …LOL).

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we will show you the point of view of people who traveled and really got to know each of the chosen destinations

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how to plan your trip, when is the best time, how to get there and how to transport yourself internally

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we will travel through the most desired and most visited destinations, passing you something different in each of them

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and we will discover, together with you, new destinations, which are not yet so popular, but which make the journey worthwhile

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a Brazilian and a Colombian who met in India and now live in Thailand. After traveling a lot in this world, we want to share a little of our experiences with you. We also have the reports of some friends to make this space even more complete.

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Among valleys and mountains, beaches and deserts, each point of this world awaits you with a unique history

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The purpose of Viajando Fácil is to inspire people with our experiences and learnings so they can build their own travel stories. Through personal stories and our collaborators, we want to show the world more real and make it available to everyone. Our greatest wish is that we can encourage you to travel more, discover different corners of the world and expose yourself to new challenges and new cultures.

We want to show the world in real angles, through photos of us or our collaborators and narrations about the different places visited. The best destinations, unexplored places, gastronomy from different corners of the world and tips for better travel: far, easy, cheap and like a local.

Come and join Viajando Fácil, read our stories and follow us on social media. Thus, little by little, from backpack to backpack, we will form a Latin community of travelers who will tell stories to eliminate borders, show a more human and fun world.

We want to bring together in one place all the people who love travel and culture. All those who want to share stories and learn from the experiences of others. Those who want to cross borders without having to leave home and those who dare to go out and explore new corners to see, for themselves, what we tell them. To all people who believe that the world can be seen with a more humane and fun perspective from different angles. And for all those who want to connect with others to know, learn, update and see, in real time, what is happening in different parts of the world.

No. Traveling Easy is not a travel agency. We will not charge you for reading our stories or exploring the site. We will tell you curiosities from other cultures and give you tips to build your own travel stories.

But we do want to count on your interaction in the publications of our website and on social networks, so that we can know the topics that interest you and that you want to read. And when you travel, of course we want to hear your stories and experiences!

Because we are creating a Latin community of travelers around the world, where we will bring up-to-date information from different places thanks to our collaborators and tell live stories from Thailand.

On the website, you can see all the content about experiences and useful travel information, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can interact directly with us and be kept up to date with our publications, and on YouTube, see all videos about new and different things that we do in Thailand and on our travels.

Join our community and find out what's happening in other places in real time, read the stories, learn from the experiences of other travelers and find friends who travel like us. We will tell you a lot about our travels and experiences live and directly through our channels.

If you have stories and experiences to share with our traveler community, don't hesitate to write on Viajando Fácil. On our website, we have several sections specialized in different topics, such as gastronomy from different parts of the world (Flavors), unexplored destinations (Off the Route), most visited places (Destinations) and the Blog that gives important and useful tips for traveling. Therefore, if you want to write about any of these topics, you can send a message through the Contact section or by email, so that we can get in touch with you. Come and be part of our community of contributors!