The Ganges River in India is known worldwide as a sacred river for the Hindu religion. Shall we learn a little more about the importance of the Ganges to the Hindu religion?

The Ganges River represents the figure of Jeans, a deity present in Hinduism and Buddhism. His devotees believe that by bathing in the Ganges, they will have their sins forgiven and will be closer to the release of the cycles of life and death (Moksha). That is why the faithful even make a pilgrimage to deposit the ashes of their loved ones in the Ganges. The sacred water of the river would bring you closer to Moksha. 

Ganga in Hinduism

Ganga Maa is the embodiment of the soft forces of Devi (the feminine aspect of the divine). It is different from other mother goddesses and does not have a frightening aspect, despite being a powerful and potentially destructive river.

Ganga Maa need not be invoked or dismissed when worshiped. His divinity is immediate and eternal, his purity untouched by sins and bitterness.

She is the adopted mother of Kartikeya, the god of war and the son of Shiva and Parvati.

Ganga has some distinct stories and origins within Hinduism, as well as the Ganges River.

Ganges Mythology

Shiva knew that when Ganga came down to Earth, the strength of its waters would have a force capable of destroying the world. Therefore, Shiva holds her in her hair and thus controls the current in order to save the world.

History has several teachings, among them:

Nothing is so turbulent, chaotic or violent that it cannot be controlled by the power of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is the representation of purity on earth. He is able to absorb any evil or negative action and let the good and calm flow.

The Ganges these days

The Ganges River has enormous religious importance, but also an immense participation in the day-to-day lives of millions of people who live on their banks.
From its origin in the Gangotri glaciers to its encounter with the Bay of Bengal, the Ganges cuts across Indian territory as a source of drinking water, fishing and tourism to the cities bathed by it.

The cities closest to its source still have a Ganges of clear waters that attract many tourists.

There are even several excursions for rafting in the Ganges, something that we here at Viajando Fácil have done a few times and recommend! The rapids on the course do not need previous experience and the view is fantastic.

So let's go to our anonymous quiz?
Read our tips carefully and answer below:

Along its way, about 250km from its source, the River Ganges crosses a city that is internationally renowned. Can you guess the name of this city through the tips we list below?

1. It is located in the north of the country, in the state of Uttarakhand
2. It is known as the gateway to the Himalayas and the world capital of yoga
3. Due to the Ganges, it receives thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year
4. Rafting can be done in the clear waters of this area of the Ganges
5. It is located 25 km from Haridwar, another holy city for Hindus.
6. It became famous in 1968, when the Beatles visited the city at the invitation of their guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


The right city is Rishikesh.
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#1. Along its way, about 250 km from its source, the Ganges crosses a city that is internationally renowned. Do you know what city in India this is?

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Mauro receiving the blessing of the Hindu God, Hanuman

I have been to this city several times and have had the opportunity to go rafting in the clean, cold waters of the Ganges twice.
The river here is still very clean and worth the dive.
In the picture, I am receiving a blessing from an Indian dressed as Hanuman, a Hindu divine representation, which symbolizes the power of faith!

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  1. Very interesting the history of the ganges river, its mythology, spirituality hacking into more fascinating and mysterious. It must be a whole adventure to be there and go rafting gracias viagemandofacil_es !!!

  2. Very beautiful history, mythology is very important to know because it is the history of the pueblos.gracias for telling us the husyoria del rio ganges. !!!

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