Have you ever heard of Lesotho?
I confess that until recently that word was unknown to me. But this little country, encrusted in South Africa, so little known, surprised me a lot!

Africa is usually synonymous with savannah and animals right ?! What if I tell you that Lesotho has none of that? There it is full of mountains, green vegetation, rivers and even a ski resort. Yes! Ski resort! What gives the country the nickname "African Switzerland". Another interesting name is “Kingdom of heaven”, since the lowest point in the entire territory is about 1000 meters above sea level!

Getting to the country was not easy! The tourist structure is precarious and information is lacking on the internet. Add to that the mandatory visa for Brazilians, which costs U$150, the most expensive I have ever paid! But, looking on the bright side, this makes the culture pure, with few outside influences, and empty seats, perfect for photography lovers.

Was it worth it? Yes! Every penny and every second, of the many hours it took me to get here, was compensated by realizing the dream of seeing, with my own eyes, the beauty of the country's main attraction, called Maletsunyane Falls. The energy of this place is worth any effort!

Quick Tips:

Arrival Point

Maseru. It is the country's capital and the city with the best infrastructure to receive tourists.


You can use Lesotho Loti or South African Rand in local commerce.


Get ready to pay up to $150 dolettes! Yes, the visa is really expensive!

How long to stay

2-3 days are sufficient. The country is very small and attractions are scarce.

How to get:

Road - The "easiest" way:

Road transport (clandestine vans) from Bloemfontein, South Africa. Note: these vans have no departure time, they leave when they sell out! Get there early and get ready to wait for several hours until all the places are occupied to start the journey.


Very expensive and with few options. Flights only to Capital Maseru. I do not know who has arrived in the country by this means.

Where to stay:

Kick4Life Hotel, besides being a hotel, works as a social project, bringing sport and a little fun to the country's needy children.

Video (in English) about the Kick4Life social project.

Once in Lesotho ...

Here comes the difficult part ... There is practically no tourist structure in the country, so forget about trips by travel agencies or buses to take you to the attractions. I arranged the tours with the taxi driver who took me from the border to the hotel. Do you know what was the coolest ?! The driver had never heard of any of the sights in his own country, and like me, everything was new to him! At the end of our journey together, he thanked me and said that those had been one of the best days of his life. Little does he know that I was the one who was extremely grateful for all that experience ...

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