The main and most sought after destinations, detailed for you!

In this series of Viajando Fácil posts, we will show you the fundamental information of the most requested destinations in the world. To plan a trip well, there are some basic information you need to have. Want to find out when is the best time to visit your chosen city? Do you already know how to get there and how to get around internally? These and other answers, you can find here in Destinations!

In addition, we will help you make the most of your trip. Within each post you will find a list with the biggest attractions of the city and the main leisure activities!

We will also tell you a little about our personal experience with each destination. What we like most, where we went to eat, etc…

Come in and make yourself comfortable!


Gramado, “A Suíça Brasileira”, is the most important tourist spot in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Learn more about this city of beautiful colonial architecture.

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Aerial view of the city of Florianópolis, with emphasis on Lagoa da Conceição


Known for its natural beauty, “Floripa” is one of the most sought after Brazilian cities by tourists! Come and see more of this beautiful city with us!

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Lodhi Garden in New Delhi

New Delhi - India

With a rich history and latent contrasts, New Delhi is unique! Historical ruins and inspiring temples coexist with noise and chaotic traffic.

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