Traveling the world: what's your next type of trip?

Traveling the world does not have to be a distant dream and we are going to tell you 5 types of travel that can help you realize this dream.

It is common nowadays to feel an enormous desire to cross borders to discover new things and different places. Traveling the world is the dream of many people! Even more in this moment when we feel a certain need to change air…

In addition, traveling has always been and will be synonymous with getting to know places, cultures and languages, enjoying different ways of thinking and seeing the world, experiencing different flavors and discovering yourself in an unknown environment.

Traveling the world goes beyond resting or enjoying the comfort of a hotel. It is learning while you explore, it is watching what history tells us and seeing personally the wonders that nature has to show us.

There are several types of travel that you can plan to start traveling the world. Taking a vacation is one of the main options and the one we always think about, but did you know that there are other options that you can explore? So come with us and let's start planning what kind of trip around the world fits you, according to your profile and your adventurous soul. 

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We'll show you some ways to travel the world so you can get inspired and find out what your next type of trip will be!

1. Plan your next vacation well: time to travel the world!

If you are studying or working, you probably have a pre-established vacation period. Sometimes we do not plan ahead of time what we want to do in our next rest period, so we end up making last minute plans, spending more than we should and, often, returning to the same place as always. But how about starting to plan your next trip in advance, handpicking your next destination and taking the opportunity to discover a new corner of the world?

First, it is important to assess how many vacation days you are going to have. Are your dates flexible? Or do you have a chance to choose the period you want to take a vacation? Keeping in mind the time available, the time of year and your basic budget is essential to start choosing which are the possible destinations for your next trip around the world.

2.Plan studies abroad

Another way to travel the world is to study. Yes, there are many places where you can go to study while learning another culture.

Above all, it is important to note that a study trip can be planned at any time in your life! You do not need to be in high school or university to study abroad. Although doing an exchange is one of the main options we have while we are at university, there are also other types of study that you can do abroad, such as language courses that can last for a month or even a year. In addition to these, there are specializations and master's degrees that can be face-to-face, semi-face-to-face (virtual, but with the necessary presence at some point) or totally virtual (but where you can choose to receive the diploma in person).

Did you know that several institutions, universities and governments offer scholarships so that you can study abroad? Each of these scholarships has a different requirement. Don't miss this opportunity and start finding yours now!

This type of trip will allow you to stay in another country for a longer time than the previous option and will add new skills and knowledge to your life! What are you waiting for to plan your next trip around the world studying what you love?

3.Take internship abroad

Just as you can travel the world by studying, you can also travel through an internship program abroad.
Currently, many universities have agreements with companies and also with other universities in different countries where they offer work to students who are doing their last semesters of graduation.

There are also agencies like GoAbroad and the Work & Travel that help you get internships abroad. These agencies ask that you meet certain requirements: that you have completed a minimum of semesters at the university or that you are a recent graduate and under 30 years of age.

Unlike the previous options of traveling the world, internship abroad requires a longer time of availability, after all you will have to assume the position offered for a period between 6 months and 1 year. In return, there will be a salary waiting for you at the end of the month!

4. Work in another country

Now, if what you are looking for is that your next destination also becomes your next home, working in another country is the type of trip you are looking for. Traveling the world doesn't just mean going on vacation; it can also involve your studies and your professional life.

Who has never dreamed of adding an international experience to their curriculum while learning about another culture and lifestyle? Just like studying and doing your internship abroad, working in a different country means a deep immersion in foreign culture. If you are considering this option, remember that you will need at least 6 months or a year of availability to live in another country, depending on the contract you get.

There are several recruitment agencies and job selection portals that offer job openings at companies looking for foreigners for their specific technical skills or where nationality is simply not a limitation. You can apply for these jobs on these portals and look for opportunities on social networks like the LinkedIn. In addition, you can contact the company of your dreams through the website or social network and apply for jobs that are available in these companies and that fit your professional profile.

What if you don't meet all the requirements? Remember that this is a medium and long term journey. You will still have time to prepare more, study and acquire the skills that the company is looking for in the market.

There are a multitude of companies looking for different profiles all over the world, with determination and focus you will find the right opportunity for you!

5. Save money for your dream trip

Finally, our last way to travel the world: save money and plan a long trip.

This type of trip should be more planned, as it requires more time and a larger budget. Today, many people travel for longer seasons, which allows them to get to know a place and its surroundings better. Think of it this way: Going to a distant country is an incredible opportunity. But what if the trip was not just two weeks, but several months? Thus, you would have the possibility to explore not just one, but several countries or cities with different cultures. A unique experience!

But let's take it easy! Because to make a long trip and with the itinerary of your dreams, you need to save a lot of money and plan well: review destinations, create a base itinerary and, most importantly, calculate the budget.
"And how do I make sure I have enough money for the entire trip?"
That is the question most often when we are planning a very long trip. If on the one hand there is no way to be sure that the money saved will be able to keep you traveling for as long as you want, on the other hand there are many ways to finance your trip: working online, doing voluntary work in exchange for accommodation and / or food, apply for temporary job vacancies, etc ...

To learn more about financing a long-term trip, visit our article on the 5 best ways to make money traveling the world.

Get ready to travel!

"I'm crazy to change my life and travel the world!"
You have certainly heard someone say that.
Or is that exactly what you thought yesterday afternoon?
For this is one of those phrases that, although short, carry an enormous amount of sensation; a mixture of anxiety, dream and fear.
The truth is that an interconnected world, like the one we live in today, is full of opportunities! Going out to explore and travel the world is up to you and your choices!

At Viajando Fácil, we'll show you that, with good planning, you can do this and more!

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