Choose your next vacation destination in 5 steps

Traveling is fantastic, but when you have many options in mind, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right place to visit. With these 5 steps we selected, you will be able to choose your next vacation destination in an easy and objective way.

When we start looking for our next vacation destination, it is common to have a mix of emotions: anxiety, happiness, curiosity and even that crazy desire to drop everything and go to see the world. With each photo, comment and recommendation we get more excited about the possibility of traveling but more confused about what is the right trip to do.

But do not worry! This is more common than you might think. Therefore, we at Viajando Fácil have decided to make things easier for you. Do you want to choose your next vacation destination in an easier and more orderly way? Below are the 5 important steps you should take to choose your next travel destination:

Step #1

Set the type of place for your next destination

As soon as you start thinking about travel, a lot of cities and countries you want to visit come to mind. But have you ever stopped
to think that one of the main factors to choose your next trip is what you   to do while on vacation? If you start to separate the possibilities by types, it will be a great start to planning:  

What kind of scenario do you want? Beach? Mountain? Field? Big city? Interior? A historic destination?
What kind of activity do you want to do instead? Do physical activities? Like a ballad? Visit turistic points? Take the opportunity to relax?  

By selecting scenario types and activity types, you will be much closer to finding your next destination. 

Step #2

Choose the time of your trip

Now that things have become clearer about the type of place
you want to travel to, it is time to review the time of year when you are planning this trip. After all, you don't want to travel to a beach in times of rain and cold, right? Not even planning a dream trip to a ski resort and realizing you've arrived outside the snow season.  


Let's start with the basics: in the southern hemisphere, summer starts in December and ends in February. Therefore, winter is between the months of June and August. In the northern hemisphere, it is the opposite: summer between June and August and winter between December and February. The countries closest to the Equator, however, have slightly less defined seasons, with a temperature that tends to remain more constant.  

Tourism Seasons

Also, find out about the High and Low season periods in the chosen place. In high season, the destination will be more full of visitors, with fewer options for hotels and flights   available - which certainly affects the price. But beware of low season promotions . Remember that there is a reason why a particular season does not attract so many tourists.  

Ready! Now that you 've chosen the ideal destination type and know the best time to visit according to your availability, it's time to take another step.

Step #3

Select possible countries and cities 

The time has finally come to select the cities and countries
you will visit during your next vacation. In this step, the goal is to find 2 or 3 options that fit the previous requirements.  

Choose a continent and start exploring 

In South America, you can go to the beaches of Colombia or the Caribbean. Visit historical landmarks in Peru. Discover wineries in southern Brazil or Chile. See a theater festival in Buenos Aires or São Paulo ...  

If the destination is Europe, you can see the great sights in London, Paris and Barcelona. Catch a beach in southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Cycling around Amsterdam…  

If you think about going further and longer, maybe Asia is not your destination? Have you thought about the beautiful beaches of Thailand ? Or walking the Great Wall of China? And do Yoga on the side of the Taj Mahal?  

Options abound! Try to select 2 or 3 options only and let's go to the next step together .

Step #4

Set the duration of the trip to make the itinerary 

The length of your trip and the itinerary will depend on the time you have available and your flexibility to travel - without leaving your budget aside, which we will see in more detail in the next step.

Available time

If you have only a few days available, it is best that you choose a destination closer to your place of residence. If you have a few weeks to travel, it is already possible to study a destination further and with a larger itinerary.  

Date Flexibility

A trip with greater flexibility of dates will allow you to find better prices, more destinations that suit your preference and you will be able to discover more cities. However, if you don't have a lot of flexibility for dates but you can plan your trip several months in advance, you can also find good offers that adapt to what you're looking for.


Once you have defined the number of days of your trip, already knowing which are the 2 or 3 possible destinations, write down which main cities you would like to include in the itinerary and review the activities you want to do in each one. See if there is a different place along the way that you can visit if you have a little extra time and add it to your itinerary. Take into account the internal distances and the required travel time.
Remember that there are cities that are very big and have a lot of activities to do. Sometimes it is worthwhile to get to know a city that has a lot to offer, instead of having a route with many trips between cities.  

Woo ! Now you know the time you will have to travel, the 2 or 3 main destinations for your next trip and the cities to include in the itinerary, with the activities to be carried out. Let's go to the last and final step: spending and budget.

Step #5

Evaluate possible expenditures and establish a budget

As we mentioned earlier, this is the
definitive step , because choosing your next destination depends not only on your desire, but on your possibilities.  

To calculate expenses, remember to add: 

Compare prices and review the options available on the dates you have planned. This way you will have a more complete view of what your expenses will be and will be able to adapt the options to your budget.  

We are sure that by completing this fifth step, you will have a much more complete and objective view of the options you have to choose your next destination in an easier way.

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