How to travel on a budget: 5 tips

Traveling to the most charming places can be easier than you think! Learn the secrets to traveling the world on a budget by following the recommendations and tips of Traveling Easy!

Is it possible to travel on a budget?

In the past, it was thought that it was impossible to travel with little money, especially outside the country! And, to be honest, even today there are those who think that to travel you have to have a lot of money. But we at Viajando Fácil will tell you why these people are wrong!

Traveling on a budget is possible! In a world that is increasingly interconnected and with a large access to information thanks to the internet, there is an infinite variety of transport, accommodation and food options that fit the most different budgets.

If you still don't know how it is possible to travel with little money around the world, we will bring some recommendations for you to put into practice on your next trip.

1. Travel cheap: Starting point for traveling on a budget

Traveling the world does not have to be synonymous with ostentation. There are many ways to travel with little money, without paying for unnecessary luxuries and without losing the comfort and quality of your trip. Focus on what is really indispensable.

To do this, search for the best flight deals, plan your vacation well according to your chosen destination, check the cheapest season to go, look for discounts, select the type of accommodation that suits you best (hostel, hotel, apartment), learn how to get around the destination (preferably with public transport and bicycles), explore local cuisine, etc ...

Learn how to travel cheap by following our recommendations in the article: Cheap Travel! The 6 best ways to save on your trip!


2. Alternative Accommodation: Couchsurfing, Housesitting and Home Exchange

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Another great suggestion is to save on accommodation during your trip by opting for these alternative, money-free ways.
Very common nowadays, these modalities make the trip cheaper, because they allow the traveler to stay at someone else's house. Thus, this experience, in addition to allowing you to travel on a budget, offers you the opportunity to meet new people and reach a place like your home in a destination you want to explore.
But which of these modalities do you really know? And which one best fits you?

Couch Surfing

Couchsurfing is a platform where people put their home at the disposal of a traveler to receive him for a short period in exchange for an intercultural experience. Using this platform, you can stay at the home of someone who will tell you more about the local culture and learn from you about their culture and country.

House Sitting

In this modality, the traveler stays at the home of a person or a family for a specific time, so that he can take care of the house and pets while the owners of the house are traveling. There are several agencies such as Trusted House Sitters, House Carers and Mind My House that promote this experience. How about making a canine friend during your next vacation?

Home Exchange

As its name implies, it is an exchange of houses. Some platforms like IntercambioCasas and HomeExchange allow you to find a home to stay in a destination location, while you offer your home to receive people who want to travel to your city.

With these alternative accommodation options, you can travel on a budget while visiting charming places.

3. Do volunteer work to travel on a budget

The idea is simple: use your skills and disposition as a currency to pay for your accommodation and often even for your food. Combining your desire to travel with actions that contribute to the growth and improvement of society is a great option for traveling on a budget.

There are many volunteer programs that offer accommodation and meals for as long as you are supporting a particular project. There are NGOs, Agencies and platforms that look for volunteers in different parts of the world for activities such as taking care of children, teaching languages and arts, assisting in the development of communities, helping in ecological villages and organic farms, etc…

There is also the option to work voluntarily in Hostels, which in turn give you accommodation in exchange for carrying out activities at the hostel itself, such as working at the reception, in the garden, organizing and cleaning the hostel, or even taking photographs and other activities that you can suggest.

Some agencies like Work & Travel, platforms like WorldPackers and Workaway and even organizations like WWOOF, AIESEC and the UN offer volunteer opportunities around the world.

This option is very interesting for travelers who want to spend more time in a place without having to use their money to pay for accommodation. Not only do you have an enriching experience, but you can travel with little money, meeting new people and contributing to society with your skills and knowledge. Everyone wins!

Bibi at the Nueva Granada Military University

4. Apply for a scholarship

Many governments, educational institutions and universities around the world provide semi-annual and annual scholarships in different educational programs. The scholarships can be full or partial and some still cover the cost of accommodation and meals.

You can search for scholarships for language courses abroad, for specialization and master's degrees, for research grants, etc ... The selection processes for these scholarships are published on the website of the institutions and their sponsors and you can often also find information at embassies.

It is the perfect opportunity to travel on a budget while you develop your academic skills, meet people with a common interest and live the day to day life of a foreign culture.

5. Work to make money traveling

Traveling the world and making money while traveling is possible! In fact, we here at the site have been doing this for a long time! And if you decide to go this route, you can travel with little money initially and stay on the road much longer! 

There are many jobs that you can do for small or large seasons that will allow you to finance your trip, partially or completely. Depending on your work and performance, you can even come home with a little money. Teaching, taking care of children, interning and working at a distance are some of the possible activities to be carried out while traveling.

By working while traveling you create sources of income that can keep you traveling.

Bibi working in Brazil

Now you know that it is possible to travel on a budget. follow our recommendations, put them into practice and go after your dreams around the world.

Traveling easy wants to continue inspiring you to travel smart!

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